RK-65K: card or badge reader

The RK65-K is a programmable proximity reader that can be used with either card or badge. The RK65-K can memorize up to 65000 individual users.

The card (RKCM-02) is the size of a bank card. Due to a notch at the top of the card, the RKCM-02 can also be used as a name card. The card has a reach of ~15cm.

The badge (RKKT-02) is about the same size as a car key. The RKKT-02 has a range of ~12cm.

To add and remove users, the RK-HHP is required. This allows you to effortlessly maintain the user list. The RK-HHP uses RFID technology so you simply hold the programmer in front of the RK-65-K. There is also no need to change the programmer's batteries.

To use the RK65-K proximity reader, you need the RK-PS plug-in power supply (12VDC 500mA).


RKCM-02 and RKKT-02

RK-HHP programmer

RK-PS plug-in power supply