EntraHOME offers worldwide access control with an intuitive and secure app. Easily setup routines to control the access to a medical practice or to control the lighting of an office, a home.

Simple operation

The user-friendly step-by-step configuration makes it easy for everyone to install this app.After installation, the app starts automatically. From any living room and with just one touch in the app you can easily control your heating, lighting and electrical appliances.

Combine with a Cifero keypad

Never miss a delivery, even when you’re not at home!
Online shopping has become an integral part of our daily lives. But what if nobody’s home? Will your parcel be delivered to the neighbours? What if they’re not at home either? Do you then
have to go out and pick up your delivery? Not with EntraHOME!

The unique combination of the EntraHOME app and the Cifero keypad mean you have control over your access! Using the EntraHOME app you can manage each Cifero PIN and set time zones,
dates and usage limits. Do you want to grant someone access? Give this person your PIN code and check how it is used via your smartphone.

User profile

The EntraHOME app has two different profiles: the ‘administrator’ and the ‘user’. The administrator installs the application and links all accesses and devices to EntraHOME. The daily routines are set with the convenient clock function.

The administrator can add up to 100 users, depending on the subscription chosen. For this purpose, the administrator invites the user via the QR code or e-mail.

After scanning the QR code, the user can also issue commands in the EntraHOME app that it has been assigned by the administrator. The user cannot change the administrator settings or routines.


  • Add up to 100 users
  • Fully adjustable to your own wishes
  • Set time zones for users
  • Set alarm notification
  • Time Switch
  • Restrict access
  • Access to the logbook
  • Manage the subscription
  • Settings for the Cifero keypad


  • Garage door
  • Swing gate
  • Sliding gate
  • Door
  • Barrier
  • Parking
  • Heating
  • Alarm
  • Lighting