Intercom with smartphone compability

At home, at work or on vacation? With the Facila Next module you're always in touch with your home. Through a innovative app you can answer visitors, even when you're not at home. When you are at home you can answer visitors at the intercom with built-in wifi connection and glass touch screen obviously.


  • Do not disturb: Enable or disable the ‘Do not disturb’ function. If the function is active, this device will not ring when the doorbevll rings.
  • Automatic photo recording: A photo is automatically taken at the start of a conversation.
  • Automatische video recording: At the start of a conversation, a video recording with sound is automatically made.
  • Change background: Change the background of your internal mail.
  • Relay module: With the optional RM1 relay module you can switch on the outdoor lighting.

Outpost card reader

The D21S outpost is very simple and convenient to use. It saves the consumer complex setups and manuals. In addition to the push button, the large illuminated nameplate is also a plus. The design is quite sober with a discreet built-in card reader that provides easy access through a personal tag.

Outpost with keypad

The combination of one bell push button and the code keyboard creates a beautiful and elegant whole. With a single push of the button you take action and make use of a clear keyboard. With the illuminated keys, the desired code can be entered without any problem in all circumstances.