The SG 10 light curtain system consists of a self-contained transmitter detector, SGT and receiver detector, SGR, which are to be poitioned opposite of each other.

Photocell curtain M/S

In a master/slave set, 2 photocell curtains are synchronized with each other. If 1 of the 2 receivers does not receive the light beam, the gate immediately stops moving and reverses the movement.

A master/slave set provides additional security by using 2 control surfaces instead of 1.


  • 1-10 metre sensing range
  • 74 to 154 cross scanning beams
  • Active height of 650mm to 1430mm
  • Detector length of 850mm to 1600mm
  • Cable or plug connection
  • Automatic sensitivity adjustment
  • Water-resistant, slim line (12x30mm) detector housing
  • Power, output and signal status indicators
  • 12 – 36 V dc supply voltage
  • Test input
  • 5 wire, solid state relay output
  • Light/dark function via wire connection