Speedgates are ideal for passages with a lot of traffic and with high safety requirements.
These folding doors open and close as quick as a barrier, so that no one has to wait. Even if you combine them with an access control system, the passage runs smoothly. Thanks to the consistent construction, our folding gates are just as safe as a gate and therefore a reliable demarcation of every area.

  • Fast
  • Safe
  • Vandal-resistant
  • Intensive use
  • Service
  • No tracks required
  • Up to 8m wide
  • Space-saver
  • Contact strips to prevent damage
  • Treated using hot-dip galvanisation
  • One photo cell curtain in column and locking pole and 2 photo cell poles behind the speed gate standard included

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The following controls are standard and must be controlled via a potential free contact on the terminal block:

  • Open the direction independently, in or out
  • Open single leaf on the master side (only works with double speed gate)
  • Partial opening for cyclists or pedestrians
  • Stop
  • Close
  • Open the dead man
  • Close the dead man

The open and closed position is reported back to the building management system via a voltage-free relay.


  • Lower catch
  • Upper catch
  • LED traffic light
  • Photo cell protection against trapping
  • Signal light
  • Wire connection
  • Powder coating in RAL color
  • Other interpretation of the panels